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In new construction, including a solar hot water system for DHW and/or house heating, is very simple and can increase your profit margin and enhance the selling benefits. According to the ASES, for every $1 saved on yearly fossil fuel use, using solar hot water systems, there is a $20 return on the value of the house, and enormous savings for the owner over the lifetime of the system. You can offer the 30% plus, tax credits to the potential new home buyer or commercial property owner as an additional incentive to buy your new structure.  We will help you with the design, offer guidance, and customer service to assist you with your new solar install during construction.

Solar Hot Water Systems allow new housing construction, office buildings, apartment buildings, hotels and resorts all around the world the opportunity to lower their water heating costs, saving hundreds, or thousands of dollars a year in operating costs. This money can then be reinvested into other aspects of operation, including marketing, additional staffing and growth, or to develop new amenities to offer customers or guests. A Solar Hot Water System is not limited to providing domestic hot water –

* Domestic Hot Water (laundry, cleaning, showers, etc)
* Solar Radiant Space Heating
* In floor radiant heating
* Baseboard radiant heating
* Forced hot air heating
* Solar Central Cooling/AC Systems
* Solar Pool & Spa Heating
* Snow/Ice Melting Applications
* Sidewalks
* Driveways
* Parking Lots
* Common Public Locations

Solar Hot Water Systems are not only for residential customers. In fact, many customers are commercial clients who use larger Solar Hot Water Systems to lower their operating costs and provide added profitability in today’s economy. These commercial clients are leading the way in pursuing a greener, cleaner, more cost-effective business culture in America. And these customers are reaping the benefits, saving hundreds, or thousands, of dollars every year.

Solar Hot Water Heat Systems can be used for a wide variety of Commercial Applications:

* Restaurants
* Hotels & Resorts
* Apartment & Condo Complexes
* Car Washes
* Laundromats
* Sports Facilities
* Campsites & RV Parks

Solar Hot Water Systems are also in use by:

* The United States Government
* State, Local and Regional Governments and Municipalities
* Fortune 500 Companies
* Leaders in Commerce and Industry
* International Governments
* Resorts and Vacation Destinations

Contact the DogStar Solar Team today, and learn how a Solar Hot Water System can help save you money, and add additional cash flow your bottom line with a small investment that will completely pay for itself in just a matter of years.