Solar Thermosyphon Systems

Posted by admin | | Sunday 15 February 2009 8:42 pm

Solar Hot Water Systems

Using a Thermosyphon solar hot water heating systems is a perfect way to start saving on your domestic hot water heating bills. Our TS series Thermosyphon heating systems offer a unique heat transfer system which enables you have instant hot water from your collector. During the day, the collector stores hot water in the storage tank located at the top of each collector. When hot water is demanded, the cold water inlet flows thought the heat exchanger (which is located inside of the storage tank) and proceeds to flow to the hot water demand .

This simple hot water heating solution is very easy to install and can be connected into your existing hot water lines using a local plumbing professional, or you can do it yourself with basic copper experience.

The installation of this hot water heating system involves installing a cold water supply line, cold water inlet, and hot water outlet. It’s a quick, easy and affordable solution to saving money and protecting the environment!


TS ThermoSyphon Solar Hot Water Heaters are the perfect low-cost and highly efficient systems for using the power of the sun to heat your hot water. Each TS Series Kit includes  Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors (both a 20 and 30 tube configuration are available) and an outdoor rated storage tank that is mounted directly to the top of the solar collector and acts as both water storage and heater manifold.

The 40 Gallon System provides enough hot water capacity to supply a family of 2 or 3 people, and requires only 40ft of south facing yard space.

System Includes:

  • (1) SunMaxx TS ThermoSyphon Collector with built in storage tank—non pressurized
  • Hardware/Frame Kit
Collector Type
1x SunMaxx TS 20
Daily Water Capacity 40 Gallons
Approximately 200 Lbs
Silicon Solar Inc.
Tank Volume
40G (200L)
Gross Weight
Aperature Area
47.7Ft2 (4.43m2)
Absorber Area
29.5Ft2 (2.74m2)
Tube Diameter
2.3in (58mm)
Tube Length
78.7in (2m)
Glass Material
Borosilicate Glass
Inner/Outer Tank Diameter
14.8/18.7in (375/475mm)
Insulation Layer
Foaming Plyurethane: 2in (50mm)
Outer Tank Material
Painted Steel
Approximately 200 Lbs
Inner Tank
Stainless Steel, Argon Welding
Inlet/Outlet Pipe Diameter
0.5in (12mm)
Copper Coil Diameter
0.5in (12mm)
Copper Coil Thickness
0.03in (1mm)
Copper Coil Length
1.4in (35mm)
Optimal Flow Rate
1.5GpM (7LpM)
Copper Coil Pressure
Working: 3Pa-6Pa, Testing: 8Pa
Sealing Rubber
110 Methylsilicon Rubber w/Vinyl
Tail Stock
ABS Plastic
Frame Material
1.5mm Coated Galvanized Steel
Reflector Panel
AL 99.85% Surface Oxidation Treated
Frame Angle
Average Daily Efficiency
Heat Loss Coefficient
9.5 w/m2.K
Stagnation Temperature
Main Body Warranty
3 Years
Freight/On Pallet
Ready To Install
Yes, Major Components Included

Thermosyphon Kits are great for your home and for larger applications such as large hotels, apartments, and resorts, as well as commercial, industrial and municipal jobs. They are perfect for warmer climates, but can also be used successfully in colder, northern climates with proper installation and system glycol mix design.

Model Collector Tank Size Gallons/Day
TS20 SunMaxx TS20 40G 40-50G
TS30 SunMaxx TS30 80G 80-120G