Solar Hot Water Pumps Controllers

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Energy Efficient Water Pumps, Electronic Controllers

One of the most important components of any heating system is the Circulator.  Our Circulating Kits come standard with our Pre-Packaged Solar Hot Water Kits, and are also available for purchase as separate products.

Solar Hot Water Circulators generally include a couple of key components in one convenient and affordable package: a Differential Temperature Controller and a Circulator Pump.

The Differential Temperature Controller reads the temperature at two crucial points in your Solar Hot Water System’s loops; the outlet side of the Solar Collector manifold and the potable water inside the Solar Hot Water Storage Tank or traditional storage tank.

The Circulator Pump is controlled automatically by the the Controller and cycles water or Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) through the Solar Hot Water System for heating. There are a number of Controllers, Circulator Pumps & Packaged Circulator Kits available, designed specifically to work with our Solar Hot Water Systems.

taco-logoSolar Hot Water Circulator Pumps

AC Circulator Pumps from Taco are the Standard Pumps used with our Solar Hot Water Systems. Available in both a Large and Standard Model, as well as larger sizes as needed for larger applications, these AC Circulator Pumps deliver maximum performance at a great DogStar Solar Price.

Differential Temperature Controllers

A good Differential Temperature Controller is the brain of your new Solar Hot Water System. By reading the temperature at multiple points throughout your Solar Hot Water System, the Differential Temperature Controller can automatically turn your Circulator Pump ON and OFF, saving you the operating costs when you do not need to be circulating and heating water.





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