Solar House Heating Systems

Posted by admin | | Sunday 15 February 2009 8:45 pm

Solar Radiant, Solar Baseboard, and Solar House Heating Systems


Solar Air Heater | Baseboard Room Heaters | In-Floor Hydronic Heat

Home Heating is one of the most expensive costs of living facing Americans today. As the price of oil and heating fuels continue to rise, homeowners across the United States are looking for every possible way to save themselves money and make owning a home more affordable and manageable. In fact, when combined with water heating, home heating can account for more than 50% of a home’s annual energy bills. Typically home heating consumes between 55-70% of your home energy bills on its own.

Our Pre-Packaged Home Heating Kits for new construction or existing structures,allow you to simply select the size of your home, how much of your heating bill you would like to offset (by simply choosing the system that fits within your budget) and purchase the major Solar Components right from DogStar Solar. These pre-packaged systems are already designed to provide the majority of the heat needed for a home that is less than 10-20 years old in a cold climate where winter heating is at a premium.

Here is a picture of the basic setup in our demo unit. This is how In-Floor Radiant Heat or Baseboard Heating is plumbed with a heat exchanger. A hot water storage tank would feed the heat exchanger.


Home Heating is one the highest costs of living facing homeowners today. As the prices of traditional heating fuels continue to rise, it will become more and more expensive to heat our homes and keep them comfortably warm during the fall and winter months. Solar Radiant Heating Systems are an incredible way to cut your home heating bills by using Solar Heated Water to heat your home. These systems can integrate into nearly all existing heating systems, including In-Floor Radiant Heating, Baseboard Radiant Heating and Forced Hot Air, making them extremely easy and quick to install.


Here is a sample package for a 2500 sq ft house.  The HH-2500 is designed to offset a serious portion of your home heating costs by lowering your reliance on expensive heating fuels such as oil, propane or natural gas. The five panels of 30 Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors produce over 210,000 Btu’s per day with a sunny day.  By combining this system with an Air to Water Heat Exchanger, you can utilize the HH-2500 in a forced hot air heating system, which means that you will not need to install a new radiant heating system if you do not want to. This versatility make Solar Radiant Heating Systems an incredible value that can not be beaten industry wide.

This sample system includes:

  • (5) 30 Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors
  • (1) 415 Gallon Commercial Solar Hot Water Storage Tank
  • (2) Internal Copper Coil Heat Exchanger (for solar loop in storage tank)
  • (1) Internal Copper Coil Heat Exchanger (for radiant heating loop)
  • Pre-Fabricated Ports & Flanges (for tank)
  • (1) Solar Loop Controller & Circulator Pump
  • (1) Zone Circulator Pump
  • (1) Energy Management Control (EMC) for backup heating