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Solar Hot Water Heating – Products

Solar hot water heaters have been around for centuries providing millions of people with hot water for various applications. With the improvement of technologies in this industry, solar hot water has become one of the most reliable heating sources found today. With zero emissions and almost no maintenance, these systems are capable of producing enough energy to heat your household and domestic water.

Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors or U-Pipe Collectors are also capable of being used in larger solar energy systems such as commercial hot water heating applications. Several customers have used an array of collectors for residential complex hot water heating with an auxiliary boiler system.

Evacuated Solar Collectors


Description :    Evacuated Solar Collectors come in three standard sizes; a 20, 25, and a 30 tube collector. Each collector features parallel rows of transparent vacuum glass tubes, each containing an outer and inner glass wall, a heat pipe, and a coating designed to trap the sunlight within the tube for maximum efficiency in the system.

Perfect for all climates, Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors are far more efficient for Solar Hot Water Heating in the top 2/3 of the United States than standard Flat Plate Collectors. Evacuated Solar Collectors can be used for a number of standard uses, including Domestic and Commercial uses.

Flat Plate Solar Collectors


Description :    Flat Plate Solar Collectors have been a Solar Hot Water Heating Industry standard for several decades. First gaining popularity in the 1970’s, Flat Plate Collectors are widely used around the world, and across a wide portion of the United States.

Flat Plate Solar Collectors are among the very best in the industry, and in warmer climates,  they are among the most cost-effective, and are very easy to install, service, and maintain.

Flat Plate Collectors are less costly than Evacuated Solar Collectors, but in cold weather, less efficient than Evacuated Tubes. Because an evacuated is able to gather sunlight from a full 360 degree collector, the Flat Plate, with its single flat surface, is far less adept at using low level light, angled sunlight or with an overcast.

Thermosyphon Solar Systems


Description :    Perfect for mid-country, or warmer southern climates, Thermosyphon Solar Hot Water Heater Systems deliver exceptional performance at a price that cannot be beat. This is the least expensive and so very simple.

These systems combine Evacuated Solar Collectors with a specially designed, gravity fed, 80 gallon Solar Hot Water Storage tank. The tank is mounted outside, directly above the solar collector, much as the manifold on a standard Evacuated Tube Solar Collector.

These systems work great in freezing climates, using a glycol mixture as a heat transfer fluid within the Thermosyphon System. The house potable water flows right through the tank heat exchanger bringing hot water directly back to you in the house through your existing DHW tank. It can sit right on the ground if you wish.

Drainback Solar Hot Water Systems


Description :    Drainback Solar Hot Water Systems are closed loop systems, which means that they use potable water, or a slight glycol mix in cold areas, directly in the collector loop. The water is forced through the collectors via a pump, and gravity is used to pull the water from the collector loop and into the storage tank or heat exchanger.

There are significant advantages of these systems. When the pumps are off, the collectors are empty. With a small glycol mix, there is no chance of freezing in the collector loop, and an auto-shutoff if the water within the storage tank becomes too hot.

Solar Hot Water Storage Tanks


Description :    The Solar Hot Water Storage Tanks are intended to provide all of the features that are needed to ensure complete installation of a “One-Tank” Solar Hot Water Heating System. In fact, with the components of these tanks, it is unnecessary to invest in an additional tank, boiler, or back up heater, unless you would choose to do so for special reasons.

These tanks come in several sizes and have two heat exchangers inside. They are made from stainless steel, are double walled, and designed to be thin in order to save space in cramped heater/boiler rooms.

Solar Circulators & Controllers


Description :     Generally, a Solar Hot Water Circulator includes a delivery pump and a controller which is used to control the water/transfer fluid flow throughout the system.

Solar Hot Water Circulators combine high-power, reliable delivery pumps from Taco, and a variable temperature control sensor. The sensor reads the temperature at the collector intake and the storage tank input, and determines if the system needs to operate in order to raise the temperature of the water in the storage tank so that it is ready for use for domestic uses.

The controller on the Hot Water Circulators can also be used to operate the backup electric heater in the storage tank, or an external backup heating element of your choice.