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DogStar Solar Inc is an authorized dealer and installer of the SunMaxx Solar Thermal products, and we deliver to any city in the USA. We offer the latest in Evacuated Tube, Flat Panel, and Thermosyphon Solar Technology and continue to provide the industry’s most affordable, cost effective and reliable sustainable renewable energy products. All of our advanced Renewable Energy Solar Hot Water Heaters and Solar House Heating products offer high quality and customer value. With products designed for both commercial and residential applications,  DogStar Solar Inc remains focused in offering leading products and customer service.

Solar Evacuated Tube Collectors


The evacuated tube collector works great in residential and commercial solar water heater systems as well as solar pool heating and other similar applications. Evacuated tubes are the most efficient solar collector used for water heating and can reduce your fossil fuel use and domestic hot water heating up to 90%, and house heating bills by up to 60%. These units perform excellent in any location and the improvement is particularly noticeable in colder climates and on darker days.

SunMaxx Evacuated Tubes SRCC Certified
The SRCC certification makes the SunMaxx solar system eligible for all federal and state tax incentives.

SunMaxxx Solar Thermal Collectors were Installed On the St. Regis Hotel in Aspen, CO


Why Should You Install A Solar System?

  • New Federal, State, and local tax credits offer large incentives, and can reduce the cost of a solar system by at least 30%.
  • A hot water system for a family of 4 can be less than $3,000 out of pocket, pay for itself within 4-5 years, and save over $10,000 in fossil fuel bills in 9 years.
  • Decrease your utility bills for the 25-30+ year expected life span of the system!
  • Solar power is a renewable resource. Your solar energy won’t contribute to resource scarcity for your children and their children.
  • Solar energy is clean and non-polluting, unlike fossil fuels alternatives. This can be your contribution to reducing global warming.
  • Buying a solar system is like buying 30 years of energy at a fixed price, hedging your risk of rising energy prices. The more energy prices go up, the more you smile…
  • Our solar panels come with up to a 10 year warranty. Your system should operate with virtually no maintenance for 25-35 years (less than $50/year).
  • Producing your own energy is a source of satisfaction and independence.
  • The National Real-Estate Association study estimates that your house will appreciate by $1,000 for every $100 of annual operating savings you create. Similar studies for Colorado say it appreciates by $2,000.
  • Solar energy is harvested locally and reduces the need for nuclear waste storage, giant mining operations, burning and transporting fossil fuels, and geopolitical dependencies.

The system normally pays for itself in the first few years of its life.  The remaining 25-35 years is tax free money with fossil fuel prices going up from 10-15% per year.






Choose the Right Product for You!

Solar Hot Water Installations:

How to Get Started:

The installation service covers everything; from the collectors on the roof,  in the yard, or on the back of your house, to all of the necessary internal plumbing and connecting. At DogStar Solar, we feel that we have a quality product line, and we can offer everything from design to sale, from shipping to installation.

Pre-Packaged Hot Water Kits
Get started today with our do-it-yourself prepackaged, plug and play, solar hot water kits. Our pre-packaged kits are easy to install and can be installed by yourself or a local plumber/heating contractor. Learn more how you can get started today for less than $3,000.
Custom Solar Heating & Hot Water Systems – Let our experts design your hot water heating system for you! Take the risk out of your investment by letting our DogStar Solar consultants prepare a quotation on your residential or commercial solar hot water heating system. Simply fill out a short questionnaire and a representative will contact you. Click on “When You Are Ready”.